Essential Oils Coaching
Educate Yourself

What do you see in your remedy cabinet?  What do you see when you look under a sink or in a cabinet
and around your home?  You may want to take an inventory.  Now, look at the ingredients.  Many of the
ingredients in our modern health, beauty and cleaning products contain chemical mysteries that can
bring toxicity into our homes and into our bodies.  I can help you to open up the doors of possibility. 
I can empower you to fill your own remedy cabinet with the remedies of nature - including essential
oils.  In conjunction with modern healthcare, you can also opt for natural remedies.  There is a rapidly
growing body of research that supports the benefits of natural healing.  Rather than using the common
household cleaners and personal care products that contain toxic ingredients, you can choose to use
the alternative solutions that Mother Nature offers to us.

So What Exactly is an Essential Oils Coach?
As a Certified Essential Oils Coach, I teach my clients to improve their physical, mental and emotional health using essential oils and other natural solutions for addressing health concerns.  I can share with you the history, benefits and uses of essential oils as well as the present research surrounding the many benefits esssential oils can provide.  I understand the safe and therapeutic uses of essential oils and I have the knowledge available to help you to enhance your overall health.
I can help you to address the root cause of an issue instead of simply focusing on symptoms.  Many times root causes are associated with poor dietary and lifestyle choices, and these can often be altered with the therapeutic properties of essential oils.  Essential oils play a vital role in natural and alternative medicine.  These oils are amazing "health" tools. 

Let me help you to take charge of your health and health issues by offering solutions in a natural, safer way.  Initial consultations are complementary.  Please call me at (804) 774-8363 or visit my Facebook page to schedule an appointment. 
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