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At Villa Lake Holistic Wellness LLC we use the highest quality organic and natural ingredients to include 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  Each Villa Lake Naturals item is made to order so you receive the freshest product possible.  I trust my natural products and the ingredients I choose so much so that my products are "tested" by my family.  I also have testing volunteers that test new products before they become available for sale, and other products periodically for review and improvement.  My products are not tested on animals, other than that after I test them on myself I do use them for my pets so I suppose you could say they are testers too!  I have three dogs and a hedgehog and they all use Villa Lake Naturals products. 

Choose from over 250 natural products to include those for babies and children to adults. We even have products for pets!  I am always open to suggestions and I am happy to make a product for you that I don't already have in my line.  Just contact me and we can come up with a plan.  

I can also omit, add or change essential oils.  If you see a product made with lavender essential oil, for example, and you would like for it to be made with rosemary essential oil, I will happily do so, and most of the time at no additional charge.  There may be a slight upcharge for the change in essential oil if the essential oil you choose is significantly higher in cost than the one in my original recipe, and for any significant changes in labeling. 

When I use essential oils in my natural products, I am not concocting a simple fragranced product.  For therapeutic value I use essential oils that are of the highest quality.  I don't use any synthetic fragrance oils - the few fragrance oils I use are all natural and of course, they are not used in place of essential oils when therapeutic value is needed.  I choose the essential oils based on the intent of the product and the therapeutic values of the oils on the skin.  Fortunately, most essential oils have a fabulous scent.  I also base my essential oil and ingredient choices on safety for the group for which the product is made.  Some particular essential oils are not to be used in products for babies, children, pets, pregnant or nursing mothers, etc.  I also take these factors into consideration.  The percentage of oil to other ingredients in a product also depends on who is going to use it.  For example, the percentage of essential oil in a product for a baby, such as Natural Baby Massage Oil, will be lower than the percentage of essential oil in a product for an adult or older child, such as Natural Massage Oil.

We offer a Men's Shoppe where you can find natural everyday needs as well as wonderful gifts and gift sets.  We have a Mama's Shoppe for expectant and new moms, where you can find safe and effective natural products for before and after giving birth to that wonderful little bundle of joy!  We also offer natural products for your home, such as green cleaning products, laundry detergent, linen sprays, bathroom fresheners and more.

We have a vast array of aromatherapy, diffuser and chakra jewelry!  I also offer personalized labels, gift cards, and e-gift cards.  Click for links to more information!

We can work together to design the perfect gift basket, mama/baby basket, or incredible baby or wedding shower favors, gifts for wedding parties, etc.  All can be personalized.  You can choose the items for the baskets or favors, or you can give me a price range and theme (with a few more details) and I can come up with something special for you.

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I use essential oils of the highest degree of potency and purity.  Again, they are the oils I choose for my very own family.  I am highly skilled at matching a client's needs with the appropriate essential oils to be used in the appropriate manner.  If you want to learn how to personally care for your family using a natural approach to health and wellness using essential oils, I would love to help!  I am a Certified Essential Oils Coach - more on that here.​

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